Thursday, 16 August 2012

Car Lap Boards

To be honest, this is to craft what microwave meals are to cookery!  In a last minute dash towards the finish line I decided to try and buy some lap trays for the big road trip.  Within the very tight restrictions of a small shop in a small town and very little time, I couldn't find what I wanted so came up with a very quick-fix!  I bought two packs of 2cm x 50cm stick on velcro (I was amazed I found some in the small shop!), and using two small old cushions and two past-their-best table mats which I had at home already I came up with these:

A good hard surface for leaning on to write and colour and the soft side of the velcro is on the cushion so they can also be used as pillows for sleepy-heads!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Car Box

In addition to the Car Tidy, we have now added a Car Box!  We used a lidded shoebox, covered it in brown paper and then covered that in stickers.  We made two holes in one of the long sides and put some cord (plaited string) through the holes - it will then be tied around the middle seat in the back of the car; the knot and bow will end up in the boot.  This should provide a place for some more of the many items which will undoubtedly multiply during our road trip!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Car Tidy

We will be taking a long trip in the car soon and I am predicting a volcano of books, pens, pencils, cuddly toys, food packaging and water bottles on the back seat - to try and control some of it I have made this car tidy which will hang between the girls' two car seats in the back.  I was inspired by this post from Pinterest.

The whole project took a bit more time than I expected, mainly due to a serious battle with the sewing machine at one point which was finally resolved by feeding it a different kind of thread - phew!  The fabric is probably a bit too babyish for my kids, but it is what I had lying around and will probably get dirty quite quickly anyway!  Also, I didn't really think it all through first and just started cutting and sewing - old habits die hard ;-) - consequently there are several imperfections and that is why this is a distance photo and not a close-up ;-)