Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Remote controls finally under control!

This is such a little thing I don't even think I'd call it craft, but covering a shoebox has brought a little more order to our would-be-chaotic home!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Cross Stitch Bonanza!

I have had quite a run of cross stitching lately.  Whilst searching for patterns on the internet a while back I came across Joyful Expressions and bought a few patterns quite inexpensively.  The first one I ordered all the suggested threads, the second one I mixed and matched by adapting threads and fabric I already had and ordering those suggested and the third one I adapted to fit fabric and threads I had entirely.  They were all gifts for others and have been given away already!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Facebook Pay It Forward # 1

On Facebook a while ago I agreed to receive one hand-made gift from a friend if I sent hand-made gifts to 5 other friends during 2013.  Well, 5 months into 2013 and I've managed to get one sent off!  Here it is:

The friend who received this gift spends part of her year in England and part of her year in Catalonia so I made her two bookmarks saying the same thing - one in English and one in Catalan (not Spanish!).  I found the pattern on Pinterest which linked me through to www.craftsy.com where you will find the pattern under Embroidery, Patterns.  I developed the Catalan version from the English one.
The bookmark fabric came from sewandso  and I think it was the second from the bottom on this page!

Another Bunny for Another Birthday Girl!

Another birthday girl and another Little Bunny in a Tin!