Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cakes and Tarts

October 2013 was quite creative in a culinary sense.  I used this pictorial tutorial on youtube to help me construct the dog cake.

A neighbour's excess apples turned into gluten free apple tart.

Perky's request for a dog cake ...

... which had to be 'not flat' ...

... and should look just like our dog ...
... well, it wasn't too far off!

And with the cakes that didn't cook in the middle I let Pinky and Perky decorate to their hearts' content!

Thankfully, it was Perky's 8th birthday!

Craft show!

Pinky and Perky both entered a Brownie craft show in the autumn with their felt bags.  Pinky won first prize!

Sparkly Scarf

I made this for my sister-in-law, much of which was knitted whilst sitting in the Juror's waiting room during my recent jury service.  I was given a scarf like this by my step-mother and couldn't work out how she had done it, despite her telling me how easy it was!  A short while after that I found some 'yarn' to make these scarves and discovered for myself just how easy it is!

Facebook Pay It Forward #4 and #5

I cut it quite fine with the last two of the Facebook Pay It Forward projects, but managed to get them both off and delivered before Christmas.

Both cross stitches are ones I have stitched once before and both patterns come from Joyful Expressions.