Wednesday, 25 February 2015

2 socks, 2 hats, 4 bootees

Much to my amazement, 100g of 4-ply from my inherited stash has yielded not only 2 socks, but also 2 hats and 4 bootees!
This picture shows the first and second socks which I previously posted on here:
A pair of very comfy and already much loved socks!
Now, even though at the end of my last post I said I was going to knit the second sock and then take a break from knitting whilst I made a wedding gift for my niece, I felt it was okay just to delay that slightly longer when a friend had twin girls at 33/34 weeks.  Having had a premature baby myself, I remember the importance of getting tiny clothes which are a snug fit and really keep them warm, so I set to and knitted as fast as I could!  The hats were knitted from this pattern - however I didn't follow it exactly (partly through design, and partly through inattention!) and the bootees are an old favourite which I have posted about in the past here.  To make them even smaller, I knitted with 3.25mm needles in 4-ply rather than my usual 4mm needles and double knit.  I had also 'shrunk' the pattern in the past so already had a smaller version to follow!

God willing, I will be sharing this on Ginny's Yarn Along later today - why not pop over and see what other knitters are up to or maybe share something that you are knitting.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Approaching sockcess!

I have long harboured a desire to knit socks and several years ago I managed to knit one pair.  They were enormous!  I have attempted on and off to knit with double pointed needles and circular needles but still struggle with them (another attempt is looming on the horizon!) so I was delighted to find a pattern for short socks using straight needles in this book which I found in the library:

Today I started sewing up one of the socks.  Above is the toe.

 Toe sewn up but not the rest ...

Here you can see the chunky cable down the centre front and the smaller cables to each side.

A bit more detail on the cable.

This is the yarn I used, which is from my inherited stash.  On the right is the remainder of one ball after knitting two socks!

And here is is!
Very cosy, but definitely needs a partner!  
So, my next task will be to block and sew up the second sock.  After that, I will have to resist the temptation to knit and get on with making a present for my niece who is getting married next month.

God willing, I will be sharing this post on Ginny's Yarn Along - why not pop over there and see what knitters from around the world have been doing!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Tea cosy conundrums

I was asked to make a tea cosy for a small teapot before Christmas.  This would normally be fairly straighforward - I have made a tea cosy before, I'd just do the same ... the snag was that I couldn't borrow the teapot as it was in daily use ... hmmm!  I tried drawing around it and taking measurements but when I followed that system I ended up with something I knew was going to be too small.  It was!  So that became a hot water jug cosy!  

I used some fleece from an old jumper of dh's then a layer of old mattress protector and then some old cotton sheet for the inside.

It really looked like a baby's hat!

So with the first tea cosy failure, I tried again, knitting this time, and using some patterns from this book:

The Gentle Art of Knitting by Jane Brockett

First I tried a pattern which had ruches in it - this was hard enough as it was, let alone the fact that I still didn't have the teapot so it could still come out the wrong size!  So, I decided to go for a super easy garter stitch cosy from the same book.

Front and back - very easy, see!

 Then I sewed it together (finalising it once I had my hands on the teapot again to get the handle and spout gaps correct) and decorated it with some felt and a couple of teapot buttons which Perky found and thought would make a good addition.

And finally it got handed over to its new owner and re-united with the jug cover, and this is the picture I was sent the next morning:

They look very happy in their new home - and apparently the tea is staying warmer much longer - phew!

God willing, I will be posting this on Ginny's Yarn Along later today - why not pop over there and see what other people have been making too!