Monday, 30 March 2015

Post-wedding recovery!

Golly!  I hadn't realised being mother-of-the-bridesmaids and auntie-of the-bride and wife-of-the-hobby-photographer was going to be quite so exhausting!  However, every moment of effort was worth it and it was a fantastic day.  It was the first wedding in our family since mine, 15 and a half years ago, so it was extra special to be together as a family for a happy occasion and not our usual gatherings for funerals!  As mentioned in previous posts, my knitting has taken a backseat while I made a wedding gift and did numerous other wedding related activities, like choosing ties, wedding-ifying bridesmaid cardigans and generally getting myself out of narrow scrapes!  Here is the gift which I made:

The longest surname I've cross-stitched so far!

I've made a couple like this before and have another couple lined up for a wedding and a 30th anniversary later this year.  It's taken me a while to develop all the lettering, but I think apart from a few rarely used letters I pretty much have all letters mapped out that I am likely to need.

This is one of Pinky's and Perky's cardigans which I embellished for the post-official-photos part of the wedding.  I had to make an extra journey back to the sewing shop as I was short of the border by just 10cm, but I'm glad I bothered otherwise the cuffs would have been plain.

And here they are in use:

Now, I have to tell you about my amazing sister-in-law (mother-of-the-bride) who is very creative and even more talented.  She made her own gold lace dress for the wedding, and the bride's ivory lace dress and the wedding cake, and as if that wasn't enough she made herself a matching bag from left over gold lace, the bride a matching bag from leftover ivory lace and Pinky and Perky got bags the same as the bride's as well:

She really is amazing!  

I'm hoping to post pictures of some fingerless gloves I knitted a few weeks ago, before wedding fever set in, in time for Ginny's next yarn along.  God willing!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Ear Warmers

 DK's Winter Knits made easy which I borrowed from the library, not only supplied me with a pattern for my recent sock success, but also these ear warmers/head bands which I knitted for my kids with their tennis lessons in particular in mind, but also just the general cold, windy weather. Pinky has very, very, very thick hair so doesn't wear hats much, but when her hair is tied back she can obviously get cold ears, and these ear warmers have worked out brilliantly for bridging that gap.

As per my last post, I have left off the knitting until my niece's wedding present was made - it went a lot faster than expected  (I will share it when the gift has been given!) and my needles are already clacking again :-)

On a slight aside, I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Lily My Cat, for which I am very thankful.  It is hard for me to imagine that anyone is interested in my answers to the questions I have had posed, so I'll just answer a few of them:

1. Where would you like to live if you could live anywhere in the world?

This should be really hard as the world is a big place and I've seen relatively little of it personally, but after a few days of mulling it over, the place I'd like to live is right here where I am, a pretty village in rural Kent in South-East England.  It's not perfect, but nowhere would be, so I am happy right here :-)

This is not a picture of my house, but is an oast house which can be seen in many of the towns and villages in Kent.

3. What's your favourite series on TV?

This is an answer that changes fairly often!  Currently my favourite series is The Great British Sewing Bee which sadly finishes this week.

6.  Do you like cats or dogs?  

Well, I like both, but not all cats and all dogs.  Some breeds of dogs I am very wary of, and I am quite cautious of unfamiliar cats.  We bought 2 kittens when we got our first home, but sadly they are no longer with us.  Of course, I loved them very much.  

Basil in a Lego house!

Minty doing what she did best - lying around!

Currently we have a dog, and despite her many faults she is very much part of the family and gives me a lot of confidence.  She also makes us get outside several times every day which creates great opportunities for nature study and exercise.

Honey - who sometimes stops barking long enough for a cuddle!

7.  Do you knit or crochet or do both or neither?

I knit quite confidently.  I crochet with considerable trepidation!

10.  How did you start blogging? 
I started blogging after being really inspired by a blog called Raising Little Shoots which I came across early in my homeschooling journey.  I have a homeschooling blog called For His Glory which is the first blog I started and charts some of the more exciting homeschool moments we have had, and I have another one called The earth is the Lord's which is rather neglected, but is a nice place to put pictures from my many hours of dog walking!

So, in keeping with being nominated myself, I would like to nominate the blog Sew and Siw for a Liebster Award.  Sew and Siw belongs to a personal friend who is amazing with a needle and thread and I sincerely hope to see her on The Great British Sewing Bee one day.
My questions for Sew and Siw are a slight adaptation from the ones I was given:

1.  Where would you like to live if you could live anywhere in the world?
2.  What is your favourite series on TV?
3.  What is the most precious object that you have?
4.  Do you like cats or dogs?
5.  What is your favourite craft?
6.  How did you start blogging?
7.  What inspires you?

The fun part about this award is that it is also given to anyone else who feels they would like to answer the questions above, so please join in if you would like to!

God willing, I will be linking this post to Ginny's Yarn Along - why not pop over and see what other knitters are up to!