Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Signs of improvement!

I don't know if it's part and parcel of having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or whether it's just one of those things, but in recent years I have struggled with being cold - hands and feet in particular.  I have been known to wear bedsocks in June!  To help with my hands I have found fingerless gloves a useful compromise between keeping warm but still being able to do things.  I recently knitted this pair:

The colour isn't terribly practical, but ...

... the yarn is more from my inherited stash and ...

... it feels good to be using it.
The pattern was yet another one from this book.  Sadly I've had to return it to the library now!

 Several years ago I knitted another pair of fingerless mittens, from a Sirdar pattern (9383).  This was when I was really learning how to knit - more than just straight knit and purl stitches - and probably the first time I had ever cabled.  

I wear these ones at night now ...

... because the thumbs are too long for me to be able to use easily during the day.
 Once I had knitted this first pair I had to work out how to sew up the seam - I didn't really know how to do it well and the result was quite a mess:

This is the seam of the most recent ones - a vast improvement!

And here you can really see the difference!  It's good to look back and see how much I have learnt, and although I've been tempted at times to undo the seams on the first pair and sew them up neatly, I think it's good for me to have a reminder of how far I've come:

God willing, I'll be posting this on Ginny's Yarn Along later.  Why not pop over and see what other people have been knitting!