Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Knit one, sew one, crochet one

In the last few weeks there has been far more baking and gardening than handicrafts, but I have begun to redress the balance now.

I finally had time to re-knit a hat which turned out too large a while back.  I wrote about it here.  I had intended to take photos of it during construction but I made so many mistakes and had to unravel so many times there was no good moment to take a picture, so here it is, finally completed:

It's on the wrong child though!  The first one I knitted was for Pinky but was too big, so I knitted it smaller and this one turned out a good size for Perky!  Oh well!

Here is some more of my inherited stash - it's a big bag of Sirdar big softie Super Chunky shade 0320 and it has been staring at me in a challenging kind of way for a while.  It takes up quite a bit of room so I wanted to use it up and reclaim the space in my house, but it's quite an unusual colour and there's quite a lot of it so I've struggled to work out what to use it for.  I tried knitting with it but it kept stretching apart so in the end I bought a 10mm crochet needle to see if it would crochet better than it had knitted.


I have started treble crocheting a blanket for my step-grandmother with all these balls of yellow yarn.  I've crocheted one for her in the past, but thought she might like this bright colour through the summer months.  The yarn crochets a great deal better than it knitted and is very soft and cosy.  I'm getting through the balls very quickly now.

I've also been preparing for another family wedding - less than 2 weeks to go now.  I've done the crafty part, just need to press it and frame it now.  Thankfully this was a much shorter name than the last one I made.

God willing, I'll be sharing this on Ginny's Yarn Along later - why not pop over and see what other knitters have been up to.