Sunday, 10 January 2016

Oh sumptuous scarf, how soft thou art ...

On the many occasions I have re-sorted and re-stored my inherited stash I passed over a single fluffy ball of yarn.  I'd noticed that it looked fairly expensive and was particularly soft, but wasn't sure how I could use a single ball. Eventually I took a good look at the ball wrap and discovered the line 'knit 1 scarf from 1 ball' and knew that the inherited stash was about to get 1 ball of yarn smaller!

I have never, ever knitted with yarn this expensive and questioned whether I could do it justice but decided I would give it a go.  To be honest, I hated knitting with this yarn to start with - it was so awkward to work, but as I got going and the moss stitch became stocking stitch it went a lot more smoothly.  I kept wanting to get to the next section of colour and probably knitted later into the evening than I should have done on more than one occasion.  From a ball of yarn that looked very fluffy but rather dull and brown I discovered bright green, strong purple and some moody dark grey. This yarn is deliciously delicate, fabulously fluffy, silky soft.  It will be given as a birthday present to someone next month.

These pictures show the four quarters of the scarf - I had begun to wonder at one stage whether the dye repeated itself and I think I may have been right - more or less - what do you think?

God willing I'll be linking this post into Ginny's Yarn Along on Wednesday.  Why not pop over and see what other people have been knitting.