Monday, 29 August 2016

Paper craft and mending

Oops - I just found this post, all ready with its pictures, but no text.  I thought I had posted it a month ago, but clearly not, so here's what happened in July ...

I read this book (it's more pictures than writing to be honest) which was recommended on a blog somewhere (please let me know if it's your blog and I will link back to you).  I borrowed it from the library and am glad I didn't purchase it.  It was a nice book - lovely soft cover and good pictures inside, but it really isn't my style whatsoever.  It is very upcycle/recycle/repair/make do and I am totally with that, but many of the finished articles were not as neat as I would have aimed for.  Each to their own though, and I am very supportive of ecologically low-impacting slow stitching.

I finished making a wedding gift for my nephew and his wife.  I've made several of these before so it wasn't too tricky.

I did some paper craft (still dare not try anything knitty) and made a plain voucher into something more substantial:

I made this wedding card (to go with the wedding gift) - the couple live in Liskeard, Cornwall, and I used a map which we inherited from the groom's grandfather so that it returned to someone who loved him:

You can see how old the map must be ...

from the price on the back.

I used another part of the map to make a birthday card for a friend who lives in Plymouth, Devon:

Pinky is baking once a week over the holidays - here are her delicious chocolate brownies:

And here are end-of-term thank you cakes for various people decorated by Pinky and Perky:

I ended up in a Christmas-esque wrapping paper up-to-my-elbows evening just before the end of term as dh had several colleagues to say goodbye to and even more to thank:

I risked my hands a bit and repaired some Brownie trousers ready to pass on to a friend's daughter:

and repaired an old tablecloth of my Granny's - I used some of the advice from the Slow Stitch book, but with my own twist:

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  1. She looks lovely in dress you made. And the cake looks so yummy, too. Enjoy your day , Pat